Show Rules:

Midwest Reptile Show: Show Rules

  • No Crocodilians, no venomous animals, no Indiana native species. It is against the Indiana State law to sell or possess venomous reptiles. Click here to download Native Species List.Visit to download the Indiana Native Species List.
  • Captive bred or quality farm raised animals only. This rule will be enforced by the discretion of the show promoter. Any animal that appear to be unhealthy, will be asked to be removed.
  • Mammal sales by select pre-approved vendors only.
  • Animals must be kept in CLEAN and appropriately sized containers, no crowding. If an animal soils it's container, you are expected to clean it immediately.
  • All vendors are expected to act in a professional manner. Failure to do so, may result in immediate exit from the show. If you incur any problems, please consult the show promoter.
  • No turtles or tortoises under 4 inches in length can be sold. This is a federal and state law. Department of Natural Resources of Indiana, Fish and Wildlife Service and other undercover personnel will be present.
  • The vendor who rents the table is held responsible for the animals on it. If you sell an animal on consignment, you are held legally responsible for that animal.
  • All items for sale must be reptile/animal related.
  • No weapons are to be sold or carried. This means you can not sell guns, knives, daggers, etc.
  • The Midwest Reptile show, is not responsible for sales between vendors and customers. When purchasing, remember to get contact information from the vendor for future questions.