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Door Opens 10am - 4pm

Indiana State Fairgrounds-Harvest Pavilion, 1202 East 38th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46205

Sunday's show will continue as scheduled. Doors Open at 10am.


2023 Vendor List

The list below is representative of Vendors who attend the Midwest Reptile Show. Attending vendors are subject to change.




Tarantulas captive bred, born and raised in our facility.
We offer 3d Printing Services and we sell reptile theme 3d Prints. We can also do custom Glass, and Acrylic Cutting and fitting for tanks.
(502) 751-1239
A-1 Aoxlotls
We have Lucy’s and GFP Lucy’!
(317) 997-8883
Specializing in ball pythons and most other snakes. Variety of lizards, amphibians and inverts. Now also carrying all your pet supply needs. Proudly selling ZooMed. Live rodents available by preorder.
Original and commissioned oil paintings of pets and nature art.
Adams County Arachnids, LLC
CBB Phiddipus Regius spiders (regal jumping spider), supplies and DIY enclosures
(260) 223-7216
Affordable GTP's
Affordable GTP's specializes in just that. Captive born green tree pythons bred and raised at our facility for a very reasonable cost. Beautiful, healthy babies feeding on f/t fuzzies now available.
We breed a wide variety of unique rodents, including fancy rats, fancy mice, and exotic mice (Pygmies and Egyptian Spiny mice). We also have English Angora and Astrex rabbits.
Axolotls. Variety of morphs.
Amanda Rose Wanner
Animal-themed art prints, necklaces, keychains, and more! Custom artistic services available
(765) 201-2281
Your source for top-quality feeder animals!. Frozen mice, rats, soft-furs & chics.
Amy's Reptiles + Critters
Lots of MALE Bearded Dragons adult breeding age and also a few Females. Also dragons about 6 months and others that are about 4 weeks.
AquaClean Technology
We offer water-based air purifying/humidifying systems that clean and aromatize the air in your home. Safe around reptiles and other small animals.
(317) 849-8100
Aquatics & Exotics (Club)
Club of Purdue University hosting Aquatic and Exotic enthusiasts ranging from novice to expert breeders.
Arkham Reptiles
Leopard Geckos Pygmy Chameleons Pangea Food and more
(513) 678-9364
Professional Caging for Professional Breeders. Rodent Systems & Reptile Systems.
High-end Crested Geckos, mainly focusing on Harlequins/Extremes and Tri-Colors. Underwoodisaurs milli, Castelnaui Oedura and Nephrurus species coming 2022
(765) 421-2661
Aubrey's Reptiles
Breeding high quality Leopard Geckos, African Fattails, Ball Pythons and Kenyan Sand Boas since 2003.
(630) 327-2933
Austin Aday
African Soft Fur (ASF) breeder, feeder, and pet quality; and ball pythons!
(478) 542-1449
Specializing in Rats, Ball Pythons, and collectible oddities!
(317) 441-2734
Axolotls of Kentuckiana
Variety of Axolotls, handmade tank decor, accessories
(812) 207-3364
Small local breeder of quality & healthy well started ball python morphs . Health guarantee on all animals .
(317) 727-2489
High quality Leopard Geckos, AFTs, and wide selection of Goniurosaurus Cave Geckos
B&Z’s Exotic Pets
We have a variety of reptiles and specialize in chameleons. We’ll be bringing heat bulbs, pads, and supplies at the most affordable prices on the market.
(502) 744-1304
We specialize in selectively bred ball pythons, blood pythons, Mexican black kingsnakes, and Pueblan milksnakes.
Batter Up Balls
We have ball pythons, live rats, mice, asf, as well as some craft projects made by the kids.
(217) 508-5899
Specializing in quality Bearded Dragons and Veiled Chameleons since 1991.
Bellus Aeternum
Animal bone jewelry & hand made pet supplies
(765) 283-7810
Ben Betta Aquatic
Exotic betta
(720) 486-2850
Bern and lils
Cages , set ups , corn snakes and geckos
(317) 665-0584
Bill and Shanea's Nope Ropes
Quality colubrids including corns, cal kings, calico black rats, and honduran milks along with select Ball pythons.
(317) 750-1346
Bill Cagle Reptiles
True Redtail, Amarali and Morph Boas.
Black Magic Reptiles
Quality CB geckos, reticulated pythons, blood pythons and much more!
Blackbeard Dragons
Specializing in Quality Bearded Dragons
Isopods & Springtails for bioactive enclosures + Exotic Isopods for pod enthusiasts & collectors. BloomerBioactive.com Instagram @BloomerBioactive Facebook @BloomerBioactive
(317) 737-5494
Locally owned and operated private breeder of selectively bred and genetically sound, investment quality Ball Pythons. Health & genetic guarantee. Recessive, Dominant, and Co-Dom genetics available!
(317) 549-5017
Bonnies Beardeds
Providing healthy *well started dragons since 1997, including Rankins. Bonnie has also dabbled in several other species including, crested, leopard & fat tail geckos, corn snakes and ball pythons.
Boomer’s Geckos
Crested geckos, gargoyle geckos and E. Agricole
(815) 543-0870
Hobbyist breeders of designer ball pythons. Our passion is in both breeding and educating others about these beautiful animals.
(502) 553-6673
Since 1997, we've specialized in high-quality, clown and VPI Axanthic ball pythons. We usually have a great mix of babies, subadults, and adults to choose from.
(317) 663-3006
High quality ball python morphs with emphasis on clown and bamboo combos.
Bryce Vivariums and more!
Bioactive suppiles, terrarium plants, isopods and more! Follow us on Instagram @ BsVivsandMore and Facebook @ Bryce's Vivariums and More! Please PM us or email for the best deals in the state! See you on the 20th!
CCs Exotic Pets is a local USDA breeder of Hedgehogs and offer supplies needed for proper care and health of your newest pet.
(317) 999-7191
CEF Pets
Feeders, reptiles and supplies
(708) 460-4912
Chasing Cresties
High quality crested geckos. We also carry all of your terarrium supplies: cork bark, moss vine, bamboo stalks, gecko food, and moss terarrium liners. As well as artwork by Emily Burke Artwork.
Polymer clay sculptures and canvas paintings of reptiles, birds, and amphibians. I do take special requests for works.
(513) 312-1146
We breed friendly good quality chinchillas. We also sell food dust hammocks water bottles dusters hay cubes
Chloe's Pod Shop
We sell isopods and isopod supplies.
(937) 308-1063
Church Family Farms
Ball Pythons, Bearded Dragons and supplies
(765) 721-0688
Claire's Creations
Quality handmade pet accessories, bonding pouches, sleeping bags, hammocks, cage sets, toys and more!
Kenyan Sand Boas, Rainbow Boas, Ball Pythons, Blood Pythons, Blue Tongue Skinks.
(636) 675-0299
Cooks exotics
We offer a selection of snake , lizards, feeders and plants.
We specialize in frogs, snakes and geckos and be bringing a variety of animals to the show. Please contact us if there is anything specific you are looking for.
Corey Greene
Hobby breeder
Specializing in quality Reticulated Pythons
(309) 264-1918
Creature Caves
Natural slate hides, caves, and ledges. All items are handmade and custom orders are welcomed.
(317) 550-7368
USDA licensed hedgehog breeder since 1997. We do our best to connect the right hedgehog with each new owner. Our goal is to provide quality animals and products at a reasonable price as well as plenty of care and handling information.
(419) 485-3690
Corn Snakes, Ball Pythons
(260) 202-9112
CY Dragons
Baby bearded dragons of various morph. Very healthy
(812) 327-4362
D & J’s Reptile Room
We have a good selection of tree frogs, toads, dart frogs. We also have iguanas, tortoises, monitors when available. Always good prices on our isopods! We have quail eggs and baby quail. We always do our best to bring a variety of healthy animals!
(812) 767-0841
Dci exotics
Variety of ball pythons perfect for the pet at home and some for making more amazing animals.
(317) 400-1960
Demented Reptiles
Animal cages, and Custom Tanks
(765) 271-4898
Bearded dragons, pillow, bed, and hammock sets
(812) 217-9178
Down to lizard
Crested geckos, hedgehogs Stos, microsquirels, isopods and more
(317) 400-1378
Dragons by Brian
A variety of geckos(pictus, leopard, crested, halmahera), chinchilla and full setup, hypo trans leatherback dragons, LOTS of decor, plenty of Dubia roaches
(937) 216-7740
Dragons Den
Baby bearded dragons
(812) 325-0843
Dream Come True Reptiles
Captive bred Ball Pythons, boas, and corn snakes.
(317) 250-5232
Dream Weaver Reptiles
veiled chameleons
(765) 341-1673
Acrylic enclosures
(513) 485-8720
We sell a variety of common species as well as a few surprises. Hornworms,Fruit Flies, dubia roaches, hissing roaches, and giant cave roaches are available for most shows. We make sure to bring a minimum of 2 educational animals each show for the kids to meet and interact with.
(260) 224-9204
Emily Rose Reptile Supplies
Private individual selling assorted reptile supplies that include lighting fixtures, hammocks, rocks, and tank decor that could work for multiple set-ups or species.
Evan Stahl Reptiles
Ball Pythons, geckos, frogs, scorpions, tarantulas and more.
exile reptiles
specializing in captive bred iguanas and lots of other rare snakes and lizards
(734) 882-0026
We specialize in custom Exotic animals enclosures, and fresh foods. If you can Dream it we can build it!
Exquisite Dragons
We specialize in HIGH QUALITY, high color morphs such as red, orange, yellow, hypo, translucent, leatherback, dunner, witblits, zero, wero and paradox! We also carry a wide variety of feeders insects. We strive to breed only the highest quality bearded dragons!!
(317) 213-2595
Crested geckos and reptile photography prints
Live feeder Crickets, Mealworms, Superworms,Waxworms, Silkworms, Hornworms, Butterworms, Mealworm Bedding, Rep-Cal Calcium & Vitamins. Preorder before the show & have your order waiting on you.
(765) 808-7747
High end bearded dragons (reds, dunners, etc), CB Uromastyx Geryi babies, CB Collared Lizards babies
(574) 835-3810
Frog Prince Exotics
Dart Frogs, Fruit flies, tadpoles, ABG, Leaves, Dwarf White and Purple Isopods, Leca, Screen, and Springtails
(502) 608-5833
Small Animal and reptile Hammocks, toys, and accessories.
(317) 430-8621
G&N geckos
Breeding high quality crested geckos
(810) 922-8052
G4 geckos
Leopard gecko amd crested geckos
(812) 528-4104
Gaspar Reptiles
Specializing in Blood and Sumatran Short Tail Pythons
(219) 306-1425
Gecko Greatness
Quality crested geckos and Repashy Superfoods (CGD, MRP)
At Gecko Tribes, we produce high quality various genetics in leopard geckos. The geckos are happy, healthy, and vibrant. Please check out what we are working on. Used and new racks are available for sale!
(801) 680-2843
Geckos and Heck No’s
We offer a variety of geckos such as gargoyles, crested, mourning and even captive bred golden geckos! Aside from reptiles, we specialize in insects and arachnids such as scorpions, tarantulas, isopods, ornate roach species and springtails.
(317) 654-2936
Crested geckos
Gillies Exotics
(812) 208-8541
Golden Serpent Exotics
We have a wide variety of reptiles including cb. And cbb. A few ch and wc. If its legal we can get it. We will also be offering supplies for sale. Mostly brand new, but all is for sale.
(810) 335-5114
Specializing in high-end quality Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, and Leachianus Geckos... We also carry all of Pangea Reptiles products...
(312) 617-5896
Goss Reptiles, owned and operated by Phil Goss, only sells quality, captive-bred Boa constrictors and Blue-tongued skinks produced at our facility. Go to www.GossReptiles.com for care sheets and education on these and many other species.
Got geckos and reptiles llc
We carry many crested geckos ,gargoyke gecko's, ball pythons, western hog nose snakes and many other specise . Also sell some nice reptile t shirts through scale life designs
(586) 873-6763
Grove City Reptiles/ Saffire Dragons
Family owned reptile business, specializing in large snakes, large lizards and tortoises. We buy, sell, trade, breed and rescue reptiles of all types. We deal with a large network of private breeders and wholesalers. We also provide education and consultation for care of exotics.
(614) 563-4533
We are excited to be returning to the show at the new building. We will have some amazing leos with us.
(614) 600-0285
Herp Houses by Reptile Environments
Herp Houses by Reptile Environments A new line of Real Wood Reptile Cages. They look and hold heat better than glass. They include, a nice custom look, part of the bottom is glass for a UTH heat.
As our name implies, our goal is to keep, breed, and most importantly, enjoy reptiles of the highest quality. We are extremely selective when building our collection so that you can be sure you're purchasing the very best of the best.
(217) 714-5321
Hill's Herps
Hill's Herps specializes in various sand boa species, morphs,and locales. Our inventory includes Kenyan,Egyptian,Indian,and Javelin sand boas.
Small Class A USDA licensed hedgehog breeder. Our main focus is providing families with friendly pets.
Hoosier Herpetological Society
We are a society whose members have an interest in reptiles and amphibians.
(317) 873-6561
Quality Feeder Rodents. Live & Frozen mice and rats. Lab chow, aspen bedding.
Hossy Geckos
Privately-raised Crested Geckos sold by enthusiastic young caretaker at bargain prices.
(765) 437-6616
Custom, personalized vinyl decals for your car or any hard surface. We have created a selection of designs based on your favorite cold blooded companions and will be cutting custom stickers ON SITE.
(317) 294-8554
Hwangs reptile
Currently ball python babies for sell, majority on clown and banana morph. Handcraft keychains and necklace available.
(812) 236-5404
I Heart Beardies
Bearded Dragons
(502) 471-6455
In-Spec Laser LLC
Handmade acrylic enclosures
(513) 289-9315
Offering a wide variety of Carnivorous (Insectivorous) plants for sale, we are a hobby-based business with the sole intention of having fun and sharing our passion and excitement for this amazing family of plants!
(317) 506-4246
Indiana Jim's Reptile Experience
(317) 443-4845
Indy Reptiles
Boas, Pythons, Colubrids, and Monitors.
Innovated Exotics
Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes and Boas
(812) 528-4491
Jakes Tropical Scapes
We carry terrarium conversion kits as well as ready made tanks. There will also be various Isopods, Springtails, and Plants.
An variety of baby bearded dragons.
(317) 918-3502
Jason Masnick
Will have wholesale rodents, both live and frozen. Professionally made 4 place display. Will also be bringing many tanks with screen tops and accessories.
(812) 595-3840
Offering quality captive-bred or ethically sourced crested geckos, Mexican black kingsnakes, and more! Check us out on Instagram @showmeyourherps
(317) 617-7214
John Chausmer Reptiles
 Quality captive born Boa constrictors, Brazilian rainbow boas , and select Ball Pythons
(513) 240-1552
Captive Bred Argentine Black & White Tegus
(317) 989-6867
Crested Geckos, Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons, and a few Paroedura geckos
(610) 858-9040
Ball pythons jungle carpet pythons
(937) 750-2191
K & G Darts
We specialize in captive bred dart frogs, bearded dragons and leopard geckos.
(260) 415-0594
Kaitlyn Deckard
Young and healthy Scorpions and Arachnids. Plus awesome reptile jewelry.
Kiffnie Holt
Captive-bred juvenile tarantulas sold as guaranteed males and females. On-site molt sexing demonstrations during the show.
Krystal Balls
ball pythons specializing in clown morph, pet rats, texel and angora mice, a small selection of african soft fur rats check us out on Facebook krystalballs!
(812) 582-3885
Kuma and Xochitl's Minerals
Mineral and rock specimens, jewelry, terraruim decor
(317) 603-5371
L.A.B. Exotics
Serving the Reptile community since 2003 with animals such as Leopard gecko's, crested geckos, pictus and various other gecko's
(224) 202-1845
We carry a wide variety of ethically sourced insects, butterflies, bats and bugs in an artistic setting. We will have frames, wall decor, jewelry, crystals and Christmas ornaments!
(567) 259-8571
Oddities - jewelry - art
(317) 437-4579
Crested and Gargoyle Geckos & Food
Linkin's Lizards and Frogs specializes in captive-bred poison dart frogs, crested geckos, gargoyle geckos, mourning geckos, various isopods, springtails and microfeeders. We also offer pet-ready, FULLY BIOACTIVE tropical enclosures along with various bioactive supplies!
(513) 879-3050
Logan Buckles Reptiles
Ball pythons, hatchlings, juveniles, adult males and adult females
(765) 337-8960
logan dailey
i sell normal, leatherback, translucent, g stripe , and hypo bearded dragons
(765) 225-7586
Lost World Exotics
Carnivorous plants, airplants, tropical plants.
(336) 671-1081
Lots of Lotls
(317) 495-4131
Lovable Geckos
Crested Geckos
(678) 775-9900
Axolotls, Bearded dragons Fire skinks Geckos
(317) 586-7347
Lucky You Gliders offers a variety of toys and accessories for sugar gliders, birds, and other small exotic pets. Strung Over Creations offers a huge variety of exotic pet themed gifts such as epoxy tumblers, string art, plaques, keychains, and novelty toys for the kids.
Specializing in high quality axolotls and aquatic plants. Wholesale available
(502) 930-8020
Leopard Geckos
Magical Geckos
Providing you with the Highest quality and healthiest leopard geckos and various other species. Nows selling Magic Meal Premium Insect chow.
(937) 313-2436
Mark Grossman
Selling baby axolotls, axolotl food ,and starter sets
(574) 222-5994
Ball python and corn snakes, from basic morphs to cutting edge investment quality animals. Over 20 years experience breeding pythons, boas, anacondas, and various colubrids. www.MarkPetrosReptiles.com
(630) 673-9426
Marty's Hissers
Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Princidia Hissers, and Long Horn Hissers, as well as hisser food.
max strate
Offering sulcata tortoises and veiled chameleons. Followed with customer assistance throughout the life of your new pet.
(812) 890-4449
Asian Rat Snakes, Kingsnakes, Milk Snakes, Lizards, Geckos, Frogs, and Tortoises.
Specializing in Ball Pythons and Boa Constrictors
(574) 286-9485
Midnight Dragonz
(937) 532-4861
Mike Krick Books
Books on Reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and other life forms. Also framed prints.
Mike Wood Captive Born Reptiles
Captive born snakes and tarantulas
Mike Zosso Retics
Specializing in quality captive bred Reticulated python morphs.
(219) 309-5919
Mike's Feeder Roaches
Breeder of Blaptica Dubia Roaches
Millermeade Farms specializes in producing quality sugar gliders and hedgehogs as well as customer education both before and after a sale.
MO Geckos
Crested Geckos, Leopard Geckos and Pangea Food
(812) 287-9626
Mostly Reptiles, LLC
(317) 695-6210
Specializing in ball python morphs.
(260) 494-8601
Mudsock Geckos
Captive-bred crested geckos
Mushu Cages
Plastic Reptile Cages.
Naptown Reptiles
Captive bred Ball Pythons.
(317) 402-4039
Nicks reptiles
Specializing in higher-end crested geckos we have everything you need
(765) 520-7910
Captive bred reticulated pythons
(517) 581-3464
Captive bred and quality imported reptiles and amphibians.
(734) 771-5977
Since 2003, we’ve specialized in high quality chinchillas from our award winning pedigreed show lines. We also occasionally have guinea pigs, rabbits, & hedgehogs available. We also have cages / setups, supplies, accessories, food, toys, treats, and more!
(219) 789-0026
Ball pythons, Redtail boas, Crested geckos, and assorted reptile accessories!
(630) 536-9350
OneTree Herpetology
Variety of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Often have uncommon species.
Specializing is Piebald Combo and select Designer Ball Pythons, Genetic Striped Hypo, Albino, and Hybino Blood Pythons, Green Tree Pythons, Carpondros(GTP X Carpet). Payment plans and nationwide shipping are available.
(812) 430-8798
We are small, family run business that focuses on recessive morph ball pythons.We have wide variety of ball python morphs in our collection and strive to produce beautiful, healthy snakes. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!
(270) 293-2295
Balls, corns, dragons, geckos, and more!
(513) 687-2402
Pangea Reptile is one of the largest specialized breeders of New Caledonian geckos in the U.S. and every gecko is born at our facility. We are producers of the Pangea Complete Crested Gecko Diet and offer dry goods from feeding ledges & Complete Kits to substrate & lighting.
Reticulated Pythons, Green & Yellow Anacondas, Rock Pythons, Burmese Pythons, Boas, Monitors and Vendor Acrylic Show Display and Tower Manufacturer/Distributors based near Louisville, KY.
(502) 442-8300
Pats Aquatics
Perfectly Pawsome Pets
Het for skinny guinea pigs, possible het for skinny guinea pigs, 1 male skinny pig, 1 male werewolf, fancy mice, Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, degus (high white and agouti), gerbils, Duprasi male
(513) 252-8507
Phantom Reptiles
We sell High end Crested Geckos.
(217) 766-6282
Pin-Up Reptiles
(859) 391-9447
Pinkerton Exotics
I offer Crested geckos, Gargoyle geckos, Eurydactylodes geckos, Rosy Boa snakes, Mourning geckos, tank decor, small cork bark/wood decor, and Pangea food needs.
(219) 851-1424
Quality Captive Bred Reptiles specializing in Boa constrictor Morphs.
Ball Pythons, Boas, Reticulated Pythons
(419) 386-9097
Rainbow Leopard Geckos
We specialize in high quality, high color leopard geckos of various morphs. We are located in Columbus Indiana.
Ball Pythons, Kenyan Sand Boas, Boa Constrictors (Boa Imperator), Possibly some exotic roach species, See our facebook page for other species we work with
Raymo reptiles
812) 592-0833
Rebel Nation Exotics
We love this hobby, and bring you quality animals at affordable prices. Do the Research, and Love and Share the hobby. Easy to spot at the show. Just look for the people in ORANGE. We take in needy animals and are open to trades.
(765) 516-0382
Red Barn Reptiles
Specializing in bearded dragon breeding, care and sales
Reds Rat Safari
Specializing in Rats. Pets and feeders...Rex, Double Rex, Hairless and Patchwork Rex..
(812) 560-3752
Reptile Environments
Herp Houses by Reptile Environments. A new line of Real Wood Reptile Cages. They look and hold heat better than glass. They include, a nice custom look, part of the bottom is glass for a UTH heat.
8 qt, 11 qt, 23 qt, 40 qt PVC racks, 3', 4', 6' PVC cages, radiant heat panels, heat tape, hide boxes, thermostats, snake hooks, hemostats, tongs, tweezers, probe sets, thermometers, F-10, , coconut chip bedding, cork bark, rodent breeding cages, rodent transport boxes
(440) 574-9303
River Bend Reptiles
Quality Captive Bred Reptiles, Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Snakes and Cages and Supplies.
(812) 923-7339
River City Exotics LLC
Selling leopard geckos and supplies. As well as bioactive supplies
(859) 609-1832
Family run Ball Python and Crested Gecko breeder. Dad handles the snakes and the daughters raise and breed the Geckos. It's a family affair.
(270) 748-1257
Robert Hammond
(317) 271-8792
Feeder rats, hairless, rex,double rex, dbl rex, patchwork, Harley. ball pythons
(740) 856-1741
Ron Lech
(773) 625-5725
Ron's Quality Reptiles
Leopard gecko, fattailed gecko, Crested Geckos, Pancake Tortoise, Star Tortoise,
(614) 557-8696
Royal X Reptiles
Quality designer ball pythons and snake shed jewelry.
(812) 655-0060
 Pet Store
(765) 327-0125
Specializes in Sand Boas.
(931) 581-6096
Sands of Time
We specialize in quality reptiles, including: Sand Boas, Honduran Milk Snakes and California King Snakes. Stop by and see us at the August 25th show!
(314) 210-1671
We have a variety of lizard, amphibians,geckos, snakes and more
(989) 714-2004
Savage Exotics
Breeder of crested and gargoyle geckos located in East Central Indiana.
Scaled Sisters
We specialize in bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and crested geckos! We also sell kits, supplies, and dubia roaches!
Scales and Tails of Ohio has a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians to choose from. You name it, we probably have it and if we don't, we can get it. We look forward to our first show in Indy!
(216) 465-9399
Scales Feathers and Fins
Bearded Dragons and related accessories
(317) 946-2681
Scales Unlimited
We have 9+ years experience breeding and providing high-end and healthy captive bred bearded dragons, geckos, chameleons, and many other lizard species.
(812) 571-2297
Scarlet's Primitive Pets
CB Monitors, Blue Igunanas, Water dragons and more. Tarantulas & amphibians. Please email for current list show pricing.
(812) 390-9768
Shawnee Reptiles
Gopher snakes, Corn snakes (large variety of morphs), California king snakes, Hog Island Boas, Ball Pythons (several morphs including Clowns),
(618) 353-4184
Ball Pythons, Leopard Geckos, African Fat Tail Geckos, Various Colubrids
(816) 547-0611
Siam Gold
We are breeders of woma pythons, crested geckos, and fish
(301) 956-4846
Silvermoon Rattery
Rats of many varieties including dwarf, silvermane, rex, double rex, dumbos, etc. Email ahead of time if you were looking for something specific. Pet quality and feeders.
Sinkhorn's Supplies B's T's
Carrying closeout dry goods, new and used tanks and tarantulas.
Rainwater Albino Leopard Gecko Morphs. Mack Snow RWA, Patternless RWA, Super Typhoon, Typhoon, Cyclone, Super Cyclone, etc... Ball Pythons.
Skyphi Stunning Bearded Dragons
Bearded Dragons, Dubia cockroaches, superworms
(317) 969-9952
Skyphi Stunning Dragons
Bearded Dragons
(317) 969-9952
Slither Reptiles
Designer morphs of ball pythons. Find us on Facebook @ slither
(618) 201-7859
Slytherin SnakeS101
Ball Pythons
(260) 385-4225
Snails and Stones
Aquatic snails, Minerals, stones and more.
(813) 951-7298
Snake FX Caging
We have been Building ABS Reptile Enclosures since 2005. We have many sizes and accessories to choose from. Don't buy from a sup par imitator. buy from the Originator. Check us out on Facebook!
Snakeskin Jewelry
Jewelry made from snakeskin shed
(317) 496-9591
Snap N Stuff
We sell a variety of oddities including but not limited to skulls, bones, wet specimens, jewlery, crystals, butterflies and other stuff! All profits go back towards wildlife rehabilitation that i am both state and federally licensed to do. Look forward to meeting everyone!
Soul Frogs
Hand-carved wooden musical croaking frogs in a variety of designs and sizes; top quality brilliant tee-shirts with reptile, amphibian and animal images; unique reptile jewelry.
Southern Indiana Reptiles
Specializing in Investment Quality Ball Python Morphs. We also have many types of cornsnake morphs. In addition, we carry Aspen bedding(chips or shredded) as well as Proventa Mite and F 10 cleaner.
(812) 797-5617
SRS Exotics
We specialize in ball pythons,woma pythons,childrens pythons and bearded dragons
(309) 231-5075
Stephen Eastridge Reptiles
We breed locality specific Rosy Boas, African Fat Tail Geckos, and Leopard Geckos. Also, we carry a large selection of cork bark and a variety of terrarium substrate.
(219) 246-0709
Stephens reptiles
corn snakes, amphibians
(317) 608-8932
We are the place where you can buy all of your Dragon apparel. We sell hammocks, blankets, harnesses with wings, couches, Bearded Dragon first aide kits, Lizard t-shirts and pouches. We are always adding more things to our lists
(585) 738-3471
Storms Vision LLC
Meal worms, Super worms, Dubia Roaches
(317) 432-9967
Strange Kreations
Ball python hatchings, subadults and a few proven breeders.
(765) 637-6866
We breed & raise what we sell from egg to adult. Selectively bred Panther Chameleons of all ages. Axolotls of all colors and ages, larval through adult. Corn snakes well started and eating frozen rodents. Dubia feeder roach starter colonies and other food sources available.
Pet Quality Rodents! Rats, Mice, and Gerbils.
(574) 835-3689
Sycamore Exotics
Feeder rodents, hamsters, gerbils, spiny mice, king snakes and more.
(765) 376-0261
T&E exotic reptile express
Bearded dragons, milk snakes, and leopard geckos.
(317) 397-7640
Tammy Smith
Axolotls, reptile art
Taylor Made Morphs
Specializing in ball python and boa morphs. We're currently expanding into corn and milk snakes as well. We take great pride in customer service and try to answer any questions that you may have
Specializing in Ball Python Morphs with plans of adding new species of snakes in the near future. BPs: Champagne, albino, fire, yellow belly, pastel, cinnamon, G-stripe, spider, mojave.
(812) 325-6678
The 02 Shop
I make handmade screen terrariums. Visit my Etsy page (www.etsy.com) for more information. Search for "The02Shop" Order now and I can have it ready for you to be picked up at the show!
(812) 595-1466
Parrots, exotic birds, and Reptiles. We specialize in tarantulas and arachnids: various colubrids, exotic snakes, and Lizards. we breed the following exotic parrots and birds Lady Gouldian and spice finches, Diamond Doves, ringneck doves, Cockatiels, Quakers parrots, IRN & more.
(317) 825-3030
The Brave Axolotl
Different morphs of axolotls !!
Feeder Insects, Mealworms, Superworms, Dubia Roaches, Hornworms
(513) 614-1113
Isopods Springtails Millipedes Crested geckos Mantis Roaches
(502) 517-2521
The Candied Frog
Horned Frogs or Pacman frogs as they are better known. We have many morphs and species. We also sell products from Exo Terra and Lugarti soils & substrates for bio-active terrariums suited for these great pets.
(859) 957-9563
The Curious Axolotls
We are a small family run business that takes pride in breeding beautiful healthy Axolotls. We have a large variety of all colors and types of Axolotls. If you have any questions please email us! lisaevan2002@yahoo.com
Reptile and animal themed original art, stickers, and prints.
The Mind's Eye
(317) 783-2788
Crested geckos and gargoyle geckos. Food dishes, Pangea Gecko diet, bioactive set ups, dubia roaches, cleaner insects, leaves, cork bark, various arboreal decorations and hides.
(615) 480-4333
Breeder mainly focused on ball pythons and hognoses. We are also working on raising up pairs of several other species, such as bloods, retics, MBKs, colombian rainbow boas, and BCI/BI. If you have any questions please reach out via email or via text!
(812) 632-1183
Minerals, Fossils, Animal Displays, Jewelry, Natural History related items.
(734) 444-5893
The Smiling Serpent LLC
Ball Pythons, Blood Pythons, Rainbow boas and other snakes and reptiles. Rack systems, cages and thermostats. General supplies for reptiles.
(317) 642-8443
The Spider Ladies
(317) 468-5219
The Terrarium Extension
More than double the vertical living space for your arboreal reptile, or amphibians. Tree Frogs, Terrarium Supplies
(317) 498-5033
The Urban Herp
Breeders of Dumerils Boas, Sand Boas, Milk Snakes, GTP's, Leos, and Madagascar Ground Geckos. We also offer a variety of specialty reptile diets, and husbandry tools.
(219) 816-1164
Three One South Exotics LLC
Specializing in Desert Ghost and Hypo Ball Python combos.
(317) 627-5752
Tom Bailey Reptiles
Hognose snakes, Madagascar Cat Eyed Snakes, Bearded dragons, Anolis barbatus, Tarantulas.
(561) 929-6300
Tricked Out Exotics
We will have a variety of captive born & bred ball pythons, crested geckos, and a few colubrids.
(414) 559-6953
True Blood Exotics
Quality CBB Reptiles Ranging from Ball pythons and Hognoses to Jeweled Lacertas and Leaf Tail Geckos. We do it all!
(937) 312-5024
Leather back/ hypo/ trans bearded dragons
(317) 764-9496
Under Constriction Reptiles
Quality ball pythons and tortoises.
Vanessa Bump
Clean your tanks, terrariums, and enclosures without chemicals. Just water and a cloth.
(317) 954-3463
VMC Reptiles
Ball pythons, colubrids and more! vmc reptiles on facebook
(419) 386-7794
Amazon Tree Boas, cork rounds, sphagnum moss
(618) 554-8761
Specializing in breeding Bearded Dragons and Blaptica Dubia Roaches.
(765) 469-4072
Wallys Finest Leoprad Geackos
Leoprad Geackos
(317) 626-7012
Weise Guys Reptiles
Isopods ball pythons
(513) 460-4710
We sell a variety of products for sugar gliders and other little fuzzies such as cage sets, carriers, travel cages, toys, bonding pouches, purses, and animal themed jewelry.
(812) 989-5732
Wild Style Reptiles
We have many adult and young juvinile Bearded Dragons available, including leatherbacks.
(317) 801-2808
Xtreme Xotics
Animals we will be selling are 1) Crested and Gargoyle Geckos 2) Bearded Dragons 3) Corn and King snakes
(314) 910-0528
Dry goods light bulbs dishes cages tanks pangea food
(614) 668-1872
High quality eyelash crested geckos. From the common harlequin to the sought after quad pinstripe. Along with other pinstripes.


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